Our Core Values

We believe that?

?beneficiaries always come first

?everyone deserves equal opportunities to succeed

?different minds require different methods

?individual potential is boundless

?cultivating creativity will inspire all

Core Purpose

We aim to unleash the creativity of each individual we interact with, inspiring them to succeed in all aspects of their lives. We create an environment which supports our core belief that social diversity, social mobility and cohesion are the ingredients to successful growth and compassion within our community.


Engaging and Educating All- as leading provider of creative industry education, we want to bring innovative training solutions to support beneficiaries from all walks of life to meet their maximum potential.

Who we are

Mapis CIC not only provides accredited qualifications, we also deliver practical and engaging programmes encouraging those who are disadvantaged back into education or sustainable employment.

We are specialists in delivering wide ranging skill and personal development training in fashion & beauty and retail.

Mapis full time staff have a joined experience of over 40 years in retail, fashion, beauty, events management, training, mentoring and increasing employability skills of disadvantaged groups.

Our Board of Directors have further 19 years in teaching deprived young people, 6 years in international FMCG e-commerce, 22 years in? marketing, 11 years in learning and development and? 36 years in medicine (general practice).

Realising potential

Working with public, private and voluntary sectors, we help people realise their potential and improve their chances of employability by:

Developing confidence

Nurturing skills

Discovering purpose

Solving the problem

Unemployment (over 15700 people across Berkshire)
Workless Households (26500 households across Berkshire)
Low skills and complete lack of qualifications (28200 people across Berkshire)
Gap between current main stream offer and the needs of job seekers
Outdated education system
Lack of provision for people who are less academically gifted, looking for creative employment
Additional barriers that are preventing people from self-actualisation


We work with a broad range of people from under- represented categories:

  • NEET (not in employment, education or training)
  • Unemployed
  • Excluded from school, underachieving or at risk of exclusion
  • Unqualified or underqualified
  • Ex-offenders and those at risk of offending
  • Living in alternative accommodation
  • Domestic violence victims
  • Lone/young parents
  • From ethnic minorities/English as a second language
  • Suffering from mental health issues, depression, eating disorders
  • With low self-esteem, self-harming history or learning difficulties

We work with people aged 16-60.

91% of our beneficiaries face at least two barriers mentioned above and 58% three barriers or more.

Our target audience is quite restricted in their freedom of choice based on their culture, low skills, family situation and language abilities, and their lack of confidence is stopping them from achieving goals.

Our Innovative Solution

As an organisation, we exist to empower most disadvantaged communities.
We deliver bespoke training systems created together with learners to make sure the skill set that we pass on is relevant, usable, current and life-preparing.
Our main aim is to show everyone that they have values they can sell to the world, through employment or enterprise/social enterprise. We want to equip them with confidence, self-belief and high personal worth to help every individual to sustain this positive journey towards personal and professional improvement.
Our success is based on:
Appropriate assessment- 63% of all learners are not sure what is their skill set. We achieve highest rates of taking unemployed people into sustained employment. We equip them with life-readiness skills that were missed in the main stream education system. We base progression strategy on their individual characteristics, abilities and interests to ensure continued development, rather than sending people into any job to reduce unemployment rate.
Right level of support- we use psychology students as well as experienced professionals to mentor learners. Their development is based on the Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs to make sure learners can sustain their progress.
Innovative career advice- there are dozens of new job roles that didn't exist 10 years ago. People are not job seekers, they are job creators. As jobs are becoming obsolete, people have to update their skill set to match.

We use a ?funnel? system, where all beneficiaries have multiple chances to be engaged and matched with most suitable services or signposted to other agencies.


Service 1: Suit2Go

Ready for the job, fit for purpose. Securing an interview for further training or employment is the first step, the next step is attending the interview feeling the best version of yourself; confident and ready. First impression can decide of an outcome. Regardless of the opportunity, wearing a SUIT can make you more SUITABLE for the job. Our Suit2Go service offers free interview advice, preparation, styling, clothing, and grooming products for unemployed men. The goal is to improve low employment aspirations and increase employability potential using career support, to raise confidence and improve the soft transferable skills needed in sustainable employment, education or training.

Service 2: Accredited Qualifications

From April 2018 we will start the delivery of accredited qualifications across Berkshire for young people and adults who did not achieve in main stream education system.

Vocational qualifications will cover the following subjects:

  • Personal Development for Employability
  • Retail- Customer Service, Merchandising
  • Enterprise
  • Fashion & Clothing
  • Hair & Beauty

Service 3: Community Programmes

We will run an innovative programme for the most deprived young people and adults across Berkshire, identified by the consortium of agencies (local authorities, Police, Education and Employability Boards) as the most disadvantaged individuals (ex-offenders, homeless, abuse victims, excluded from education and with no qualifications).


Success so far

98% Course Completion

94% NEET to EET Success Rate (NEET - Not in Employment, Education or Training)

Already helped over 900 disadvantaged beneficiaries into sustained employment

86% of all beneficiaries said our programmes positively affected their whole families with wider impact on over 2000 people


?Social Entrepreneur of 2017? Final Five (nationwide)

The School for Social Entrepreneurs Fellow, Scale Up programme

Best Fashion & Beauty training specialists

Registered UK Learning Provider

?SQP Excellence? Award

?Highly Commended Group of the Year? Award

?Quality in Study Support and Extending Learning Opportunities?

?Investment in Training? Award

?Fashion Icon of the Year? Final Five (nationwide)

Our impact on Social Mobility

We are working on a social change campaign, interviewing local authorities, educational providers and charities to expose the real problem of accessing education, negative impact of main stream approach and barriers for disadvantaged individuals. Results will be showcased in a series of short videos that will demonstrate the problem and we plan to use the in cooperation with the government, local authorities, schools and colleges to rectify the situation.

MD Maggie Sikora sits on the Community Learning & Skills Advisory Board to improve adults learning; Cultural Partnership Board to include deprived communities in arts and culture; Employment and Education Forums to work in partnership with other agencies across sectors and provide results-driven services.