Recent addition to our supporters list

Good people are around us. Just recently we were complimenting a well-known building supply chain of shops (one of them particularly) for their generosity. Now we would like to highlight a nationwide dry cleaning company that supports our Suit2Go service. Johnsons Dry Cleaners (part of Timpson Group PLC) offered to look after all the clothing pieces that we received via donation which require washing, alterations and repairing. Mr Ian Boden had visited our office in Bracknell and agreed that all the donated items (either by corporates' 'Suit Drives' or private persons) that require more attention would be cleaned and returned to us in usable standards.  Recently we have collected a huge number of shirts, trousers, jackets, suits and ties from the Ascot branch of Johnsons and all these items are now ready for our Suit2Go clients. A very warm and special thanks to Mr Ian Boden, Area Manager and Mrs Karen Price, Ascot Branch Manager for their help.