Suitable for the job, Suitable to Go

Although our newest service Suit2Go is proving very popular, we’re still facing some misinterpretations about its name, purpose and criteria that apply to our Clients referred by various agencies and organisations.

We are often and mistakenly called ‘Suits2Go’ which may suggest that we are more less a warehouse full of mens’ disposable business attire of which we want to get rid of as quickly as possible. The truth is more simple: at Mapis CIC we strongly believe that wearing a SUIT can make our Clients more SUITABLE for the job. Therefore our Suit2Go service offers free clothing, interview advice, preparation, styling and grooming products for unemployed men. The goal is to improve low employment aspirations and increase employability potential using career support, to raise confidence and improve the soft transferable skills needed in sustainable employment, education or training. Each Client referred to us is entitled to receive only one business attire prior to his job interview. Suit2Go do not supply clothes for those men, who already secured their employment or apprenticeship. We also do not offer more than one set of clothes before an interview as we are limited by donations. To understand the basics on which Suit2Go service operates, Mapis CIC offers a training opportunity for all job coaches and advisors. It helps to improve and speed up the referral process and to understand our funding (regional) restrictions. Please contact us on  or 01344 203007 to receive more information, to become a referral partner and to secure an appointment for your client. Alternatively please visit our website

Eligibility criteria for the Suit2Go service funded through the BBO Stronger Together Partnership:

1. This service is for unemployed men from Reading or West Berkshire aged 25+
2. We accept clients who are close to securing a job, offering dressing service and interview preparation.
3. Your client must bring their passport and a letter from Jobcentre stating that he is unemployed, otherwise we won’t be able to see your client.